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QuoteTelecom provides competitive quotes on voice T1 services from multiple VOICE T1 service providers. VOICE T1 lines are a perfect option for companies with 10 or more employees. VOICE T1 is a more cost effective and reliable option versus traditional plain old telephone lines (POTS). VOICE T1 lines are typically supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service Guarantee (QOS). Most voice T1 business voice providers will need to respond to a service outage within 2 hours. A voice T1 has 24 channels and all 24 channels can be used at the same time. A Voice T1 with a PRI uses one channel for additional features like voice mail, caller ID, etc. Single and multiple voice T1 circuits are a natural fit for “phone call centric” companies like call centers and sales offices. If your company does not need to use a full 24 channels for voice, we would suggest considering a dynamic integrated T1 circuit.

Today, there are a variety of voice T1 options. Some of the more popular options are Partial Voice T1 which can handle as much as 15-20 users simultaneously and Multiple T1 lines which can handle as many as 50 or more users.

Voice T1 pricing has substantially lowered over the last few years. In most major US cities, Voice T1 and Voice PRI T1 lines can be sourced for $300 a month. In New York, tier 1 providers like XO and Broadview offer Voice T1 pricing starting at $299.

Using QuoteTelecom, top ranked VOICE T1 providers including local and national VOICE T1 providers will compete for your business. Our free VOICE T1 services allow you to compare information on VOICE T1 cost, VOICE T1 pricing and best practice VOICE T1 services. Best of all, VOICE T1 pricing is available through QuoteTelecom at the lowest VOICE T1 prices offered and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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