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QuoteTelecom provides competitive quotes from multiple T1 Internet service providers. Internet T1, also known as DS1, has become a popular option for companies looking for high bandwidth at their main office and field offices. T1 is a more cost effective and reliable option versus traditional options like dsl, isdn, frame relay and cable.  T1 Internet connections are typically supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service Guarantee (QOS). Due to regulations, most T1 service providers will need to respond to a service outage within 2 hours. Dsl and Cable typically do not have guarantees. T1 services typically start at 1.54Mbps and can be bonded (in 1.5Mbps increments) up to 15Mbps.

Many companies are seeking a cheap T1. T1 Internet pricing has substantially reduced over the last few years. In most major US cities, On-net T1 lines can be found at pricing starting at $250 a month!  Boston T1 pricing can be found at $250 a month. New York T1 pricing starts at $259 a month. Los Angeles T1 pricing can be found as low as $250 a month!  With such a low T1 cost, many smart and cost cutting businesses are implementing T1 service along with secure MPLS solutions.

Integrated T1 circuits are also a popular choice for tech savvy companies looking to save money and get an enterprise reliable data connection. An integrated T1 line has 24 channels for voice and data. With a dynamic integrated T1 line, if you are not using a voice channel, that channel can  be used for data and vice-versa. Using one Integrated T1 provider for your phone and internet bill will save time, money and headaches.


Are you looking for T3 pricing from top T3 internet service providers?

T3, also known as DS3, is a top option for companies looking for high bandwidth at their headquarters and field offices.  Internet centric companies, content delivery networks and web hosting providers are usually candidates for T3 lines because of the lines speed and reliability. T3 is a more cost effective and reliable option versus traditional options, T1 and wireless.  Compared to a T1 line (1.54Mbps), a full T3, aka a DS3, is 45Mbps or approximately 30 times faster than a traditional T1.  T3 and DS3 lines can be sold as fractional T3 (12Mbps, 15Mbps, 21Mbps) options or at a full 45Mbps speed.

Like T1 pricing, T3 pricing has drastically reduced over the last few years. A New York T3 bandwidth line can be found starting at $1000 a month. T3 Internet service providers in New York have faced a tremendous amount of competition. Comptetive local exchange carriers, also know as CLECs, have introduced great T3 pricing and service options. CLEC pressure in other major US cities has also increased available T3 broadband options and reduced local T3 costs. For example, through the QuoteTelecom marketplace, T3 internet pricing in LA has been sourced as low $900 a month.


Our quoting service can help you find a cheap T1 or cheap T3 anywhere in the country. We expect T1 pricing and T3 pricing to stabilize over the next few years because of the many planned telecom mergers and acquisitions within the broadband provider market place.

Top ranked T1 and T3 providers, including local and national service providers, will compete for your business. Our free services allow you to compare information on T1 and T3 cost, T1 and T3 availability and best practice services. Best of all, T1 and T3 pricing is available through QuoteTelecom at the lowest cost offered and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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