Why is Metro Ethernet adoption growing by leaps and bounds in San Francisco and other cities across the country? Because of the speed, flexibility and affordability Metro Ethernet offers. Most forms of broadband Internet require you to connect to your Internet service provider (ISP) through the local phone company – a middle man that adds to the cost of your Internet service and decreases the speed of your connection. San Francisco Metro Ethernet services work without involving the local phone company at all. With Metro Ethernet, your building connects directly to the network of a San Francisco Metro Ethernet provider – so you have a connection that has fewer stops and is less likely to fail.

Metro Ethernet services in San Francisco are also attractive to businesses because they offer flexibility in choosing how much bandwidth you need and how you use it. Increasing the amount of bandwidth in your subscription is relatively easy to do and doesn’t require extra equipment. And your Metro Ethernet cable can be used for not just your normal Internet data, but also voice over Internet (VoIP) and even video applications, such as telepresence. San Francisco Metro Ethernet services can grow and change along with your business.

Is your current building already connected to a Metro Ethernet provider in San Francisco? If that’s the case, you are in what’s known as an On-Net building, and we can check the availability of services as well as get Metro Ethernet pricing in your area of San Francisco. If your building is not yet On-Net, we can help you get quotes from San Francisco Metro Ethernet providers on a new service.

We can also help if you are planning a new Metro Ethernet deployment in San Francisco. Even if you are just in the information gathering stage, we can help you find the best San Francisco Metro Ethernet provider to answer your questions, give you a quote and help you make a more informed choice about how to proceed.

Wherever you are in your Metro Ethernet plans, let us help you get the information or quotes you need to take the next step!

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