A point to point line or dedicated private line (opposed to a VPN) is telecom circuit that typically runs from one office to another. Point to point lines and private lines are also used to transfer data from a main office to an offsite data center colocation location as well. Point to point service includes point to point T1, point to point T3, ethernet point to point and OC point to point.

Point to point circuits are typically used by businesses requiring secure and private data transmissions. Financial institutions, universities, hospitals, and high technology firms are the likely users for a dedicated private line. In past years, video and security were the primary drivers of private line services. Today, point to point line growth will be a result of the growth of wireless carrier 4G networks and VOIP applications. Today, we also see point to point wireless circuits becoming more popular because of the speed of installation and overall lower pricing. If line of sight is available, a wireless ethernet connection can be set up in days versus months. With a point to point network, your company will experience lower latency and network congestion as a result of the service using a dedicated private circuit rather than a shared or the public Internet.

Point to point lines can be set up within a state’s border and across states. Pricing is usually more cost-effective within state boundaries. Within a local metropolitan area, point to point T1 pricing typically starts around $300 a month. Most national and local CLECs offer point to point t1 service supplied with managed routers at each end point. If there are fiber and cross connect options, point to point t3 pricing starts at $1000 a month. When each end point service location has lit fiber, point to point ethernet pricing is much more cost-effective. We have sourced ethernet private line pricing at 100Mbps speed starting at $500 a month! With these private line services, your company will be able to reduce telecom costs by consolidating data, voice and video over a single connection. Point to point pricing is dependent on many factors including geographic location of connecting sites, point to point provider and point to point service options.

Finding a cost-effective and reliable point to point line is not always an easy task. Across the domestic United States, there are local dedicated private line providers and national providers. If your business is considering point to point line service options, our service can help you find the most cost-effective and reliable option for your specific requirements.

Top ranked tier 1 point to point providers including local and national telecom providers will compete for your business. Our free private line service will allow you to compare information on point to point cost, point to point service and best practice point to point technology. Best of all, the private line pricing available through QuoteTelecom is the lowest private line pricing offered and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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