MPLS, better known as multi-protocol label switching, is telecom service used to speed up the flow of traffic on a network by making better use of available network telecom paths via dsl, t1, t3 and metro ethernet. MPLS service allows for the proper path for each data service so that the congestion and bottlenecks within the network are reduced. MPLS was started from the Internet Engineering Task Force, or IETF. As the need for handling increased, traffic on internet networks has increased and the concept of establishing labels in packets that would control the flow and destination of data was developed as a solution.


If your business has office locations distributed around the county, MPLS service can help you improve your network’s efficiency, speed and cost savings. With MPLS you connect all of your locations, reduce required hardware, and prioritize all of your data traffic so that data your corporate data systems run effectively,even when the network is at its busiest day or night.


MPLS service offers many benefits for businesses with multiple locations. Over the last few years, MPLS has become the dominant internetworking technology. More and more enterprise and data/voice driven companies are migrating to MPLS.  MPLS benefits include greater network performance, lower cost of ownership and more adaptive networks to accept new technologies like streaming, VOIP, cloud services and network backups. Studies have shown that the typical cost savings is 20-40% compared to traditional networking technologies like Frame Relay technologies. MPLS allows for a better Quality of Service (QOS) within a corporate network infrastructure. For security conscience companies, MPLS allows for a more secure delivery of network voice and data services.


MPLS VPN networks provide a common network for running multiple services and applications including multimedia, intra office voice calls, voice over IP (VOIP), remote VPNs, and intranets/extranets.


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