Internal data connections are just as important as external connections. The internet signal that comes into your office is most likely either a T1 1.544 Mbps or a more advanced T3 44.736 Mbps. If it’s not either of those two, you might want to think about upgrading. You’ll also want to check your Metro Ethernet network to make sure it can handle all of the data you’ll have coming in if you upgrade, and you’ll want to look into MPLS to prevent breaks and disruptions. Both are available though providers we can connect you to here at Quote Telecom. You can even find someone to put in the T1 and T3 lines for you.

Metro Ethernet is a term used to describe Ethernet networks used in high traffic metropolitan areas. The demand on ISPs is much higher in urban settings where large numbers of computer users are concentrated in a small area. Your office is part of that congestion, so to make sure each of your computer operators and call center reps gets efficient data flow and speedy search results, you’ll need to make sure your internal connections provide the highest capacity possible. Ethernet networks can connect you to the world outside or be used to connect offices or departments to company intranets, pooling databases and contact files without having to go onto the web. 

As companies become more reliant on the Internet and high bandwidth applications, Metro Ethernet has become a popular option. Metro Ethernet is carrier Ethernet technology that allows tech savvy companies to connect to the Internet with their corporate Wide Area Network (WAN). Metro Ethernet is a more cost effective option versus traditional options like t1 and t3. Metro Ethernet  services speeds start  at10Mbps (Ethernet), 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) and 10,000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet).

Metro Ethernet adds an extra level of security to your network. By keeping traffic internal, you avoid the possibility of damage from hackers or industrial theft. You also give your network operators more control internally. Another service you can find here at Quote Telecom is MPLS, which can add to that control. MPLS gives network operators better flexibility when they need to divert and route traffic around link failures or heavy congestion. This is particularly important for networks that have intranet connecting between remote locations. The metro Ethernet network inside the office needs to be monitored regularly by network administrators. MPLS can help with that and correct problems when they occur.

Top ranked Metro Ethernet providers, including local Metro Ethernet providers and national Metro Ethernet providers, will compete for your business. Our free Metro Ethernet service allows you to compare information on Metro Ethernet cost, Metro Ethernet technology and best practice Metro Ethernet services. Best of all, Metro Ethernet pricing is available through QuoteTelecom at the lowest Metro Ethernet prices offered and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION. 

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