Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the service free?

A. QuoteTelecom is a sales agent. We get compensated from our partner providers. We do not favor one provider over another.

Q. How does your service work?

A. Once you submit your requirements, a QuoteTelecom representative will contact you within an hour to review your service requirements. Our qualified local and national providers will contact you directly with pricing and additional information. Our service allows you to compare information on price, technology and best service practices. Best of all, the pricing available through QuoteTelecom is the lowest vendor pricing offered and there is no obligation.

Q. Why shouldn’t I just go direct with the providers?

A. Our service saves you time and money. Depending upon your requirements, we will source 3-6 quotes from qualified telecom providers. The team at QuoteTelecom has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years. We have an extensive database of both local and national tier 1 providers. Our competitive marketplace eliminates much of the sales haggling because our partner providers realize they are competiting against multiple vendors. Let each provider supply you with a competitive quote and save time by letting them come to you!

Q. Why is your service different than any of the other telecom agent web sites?

A. Most of our competitors just use the well known national tier 1 telecom providers like ATT, Qwest, XO, Windstream, TWT, etc. Along with these types of providers, QuoteTelecom also sources quotes from local providers that sometimes have better service and pricing options.

If you have any additional questions, please call 617-640-0309 or email sales (at) We look forwarding to working with you.