Looking for Metro Ethernet services in Austin? Ethernet is becoming more popular and more widespread every year, with more and more On-Net buildings being added in all metro areas. We can help you find the Metro Ethernet provider you need in the Austin area so you can enjoy a reliable, secure Internet connection that’s also cost-effective.

A Metro Ethernet broadband connection is a great choice for Austin businesses because it really does offer the most bang for your bandwidth buck. Because it avoids the “middle man” of the local phone company and connects directly to an Internet service provider, Metro Ethernet pricing is competitive with other Austin area Internet services but actually gives you more available bandwidth per dollar spent. Metro Ethernet services also offer a more secure, reliable and private connection to the Internet than you’ll get from other services such as DSL, T1 or T3 and similar Internet technologies.

What’s more, Metro Ethernet allows Austin businesses the option of using a single Ethernet cable for different uses: Voice over Internet (VoIP), video, telepresence or other data. Metro Ethernet broadband is scalable and flexible, allowing you to adjust your service as your company’s bandwidth and usage needs change. And since it doesn’t require you to connect to the Internet through an Austin area local phone company, Metro Ethernet has fewer connections – which means a stronger Internet connection with fewer places to fail.

If you’re wondering whether your building is On-Net – meaning that it already has a physical Metro Ethernet connection to an Internet service provider, or ISP – we are able to get that information for you and find an Austin Metro Ethernet service provider. We can also help you if you are looking for an existing On-Net building in Austin to move your business to, or if you are planning a new development and need to know how to proceed to make it an On-Net Metro Ethernet facility as soon as possible.

Metro Ethernet gives Austin area businesses a faster, more flexible, more scalable and more reliable connection than other business-class Internet services. Let us help you find Metro Ethernet pricing, providers, services and availability for the Austin area.

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