Many larger businesses in Atlanta are using Metro Ethernet services to connect multiple locations without using the public Internet, or to connect their main office with a data center or branch office via a secure, more private connection. But Atlanta businesses of all sizes can benefit from Metro Ethernet services because it is an economical, secure and reliable choice – and scalable too.

Metro Ethernet pricing is so good because it gives Atlanta businesses the bandwidth and speed they need at a lower price than other Internet technologies (like DSL or T1). Atlanta Metro Ethernet service customers can choose to use the same Ethernet cable for various types of data, whether it is voice, video, files or a combination. And if you want to try Metro Ethernet for your current broadband needs but anticipate your business growing, you can choose a lower bandwidth rate for your Metro Ethernet service with the option of increasing it as your bandwidth usage changes.

Atlanta Metro Ethernet services save businesses even more money because with a Metro Ethernet broadband connection, you don’t need to invest a lot of money upfront in special equipment. You just need an On-Net building that is connected to an Internet service provider through Metro Ethernet -- and we can help you find out whether your building is On-Net. We can also help you get pricing on new deployments of Metro Ethernet in the greater Atlanta area, whether it’s for new developments or existing buildings.

Besides Metro Ethernet’s pricing advantage, Atlanta business customers can rest easy knowing that Metro Ethernet broadband is also one of the most reliable business Internet services you can buy because it is often highly redundant. And with a more direct connection to the Internet than most types of Internet services offer, Metro Ethernet has fewer places to fail.

So let us help you find the Atlanta Metro Ethernet service provider that has the right broadband solution for your business. Whether you’re a large or small business, in an existing On-Net building or a new development, we can help you connect with the Atlanta Metro Ethernet provider that’s best for your business.

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